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Cusco Jack Assist Ramps Seperate Type Blue

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Disponibilité : Livrable sous 1 à 3 semaines

Cusco's two-piece jack assist ramp is the perfect solution for jacking up low/lowered vehicles. The detachable two-piece design allows you to drive up onto the top of the ramp and remove the front portion so that you can still access your jacking points without the ramp being in the way. The mild angle on the ramp makes it easy to drive up on without the ramp sliding away. Made in Japan with durable lightweight ABS material, these ramps make getting your car in the air quick and easy. Features and Benefits - Detachable two-piece design - Better clearance for floor jacks - Longer ramp distance/ Mild climb angle - Durable lightweight ABS material - Made in Japan

Charge admissible 800 kg / côté
Couleur bleu
Dimensions 80cm x 20cm x 9cm
Nombre de pièces 2
Poids (kg) 1.2 kg la rampe